Inbound Marketing is a partnership between our company and yours

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Inbound Marketing is a partnership between our company and yours

eric peerless
eric peerless
2 years 130 days ago

Inbound Marketing is a partnership between our company and yours as we try to develop rewarding content that provides value to your visitors. When thinking about the Inbound Process, it's important to understand the underlying activities that create the buyer's journey. The graphic below explains the four main steps in the buyer's journey and we've also outlined the 7 main output variables required for a successful inbound campaign.

Prior to developing any type of inbound campaign, strategy will sit as the center of all output. Who are we marketing to? What problem do we solve for that particular persona? What content are we going to generate that solves these issues? What type of premium content can we develop that will provide additional value? These questions are at the forefront of any Inbound program. After the strategy has been initially developed, it's important to understand the 8 basic output variables that are required to develop an Inbound marketing campaign:

1. CONTENT CREATION: If you want something from someone, often times you have to give them something. Whether it be a product, service, or information, content creation is at the center of any inbound campaign.

2. CALLS TO ACTION: Developing or altering your current website to provide a CTA or “call to action” on every single page. If a page does not have a call to action, or an opportunity to register a lead, that page can be consider wasted.

3. BLOGGING: Developing a series of article topics and blog ideas that enable your company blog to be updated 3-4 times per week. Each blog posts consists of an opportunity to obtain leads.

4. SOCIAL: Developing a relevant social audience that enables you to speak more frequently and less formally to your audience. Social allows you to reach and get to know your audience in the shortest amount of time and with the smallest cost of acquisition.

5. EMAIL MARKETING: Developing a bi-weekly or monthly email marketing campaign to speak to your current audience. Email marketing allows you to stay “top-of-mind” to potential or current clients.

6. MARKETING AUTOMATION: Developing a marketing automation campaign will allow you to present specific information to leads and potential customers once they’ve responded to specific calls to action that you’ve presented. Marketing automation allows you to deliver the right content at the right time and place.

7. LEAD NURTURING: You've had great conversations with a potential client, but they aren't quite ready. Instead of doing the standard, "I'll email them in a few weeks" approach, we can generate emails and premium content.

8. ANALYSIS: This process is only effective if we can measure what is working and what isn't and adjust accordingly. This is possibly the most important aspect of the process and will allow us to reformulate our plan based on results.

Each of these core activities require input and participation from both my company and the client.

For years, companies would ask for SEO results without being willing to work together to develop these core tactics.

We would hear excuses such as not having a content resource, design resource and most often “no budget” for these activities. Often times, companies would comment that these activities couldn’t be measured to directly impact their sales and marketing activities.

Times have changed. We are noticing that clients are hiring and dedicating personnel to these activities to increase sales and marketing objectives. Each of these activities work together to acquire new leads and enable you to market to these leads.

At Mad, we not only quarterback this process and these deliverables, but we also take it further and develop user personas, lead nurturing, landing page development, analytics, A/B testing, Mobile & App development and Lead Management.

We can help you make the most of your marketing activities to bridge the gap between sales and marketing teams and provide a framework for these teams to work together to succeed!

It’s a partnership between my company and yours to generate prospects, leads and ultimately sales.

We’re excited about the work we’re doing in developing cohesive sales and inbound marketing programs for our clients to deliver increased sales, and a more effective marketing spend.

One other element to consider is that just about anyone can go through the motions for an inbound campaign, but the quality of the people generating the ideas is where you will find differentiation. We’re so confident that once you speak to us, you’ll know why we’re different, reach out to us and we’ll give you 5 great out-of-the-box ideas to stimulate your sales and marketing initiatives. Let's talk about you.

eric peerless
eric peerless
2 years 130 days ago


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