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eric peerless
eric peerless
2 years 130 days ago

All website redesigns and CMS implementations present challenges with the best way to develop solutions that meet the needs of both marketing and technical staff. As web strategists, designers and developers, It is important to present solutions that the technical team is comfortable with, but in a manner that enables the marketing staff to act independently to execute their objectives in a data-driven, ROI based, campaign specific manner.

If we are able to implement self-service solutions with sophisticated reporting and results driven testing and analysis, we can arm a marketing department with the tools and solutions that promote autonomy and the ability to execute their objectives independently. Happy Marketing Team, Happy Life? Isn’t that how the saying goes?

Technical Teams & Marketing Teams are traditionally separate teams with different objectives. Technical teams are heavily deadline driven, often work in a 1-2 week sprint agile environment which provides limitations to the availability and resources able to work on marketing projects. On the other hand, marketing departments are more visual and concerned with brand guidelines, awareness, and customer interaction and response.

So how do we solve this? We implement a solution that empowers marketing to be able to execute all of the activities they require for a successful marketing program through a non-technical interface, yet still providing all of the reporting, analysis and actions that allow you to augment your campaigns on your own.

Dotnetnuke CMS (DNN/EVOQ CMS), integrated with inbound marketing software will do just that. It will alleviate reliance on the technical team, but also provide marketers with data and analysis on what is and what is not working. Then we can test, test and test some more to augment campaigns to generate the highest results. The DNN CMS also allows us to do anything technically. We can build and develop anything that your company needs without limitation. Other hosted solutions don’t allow that quite yet.

The DNN CMS (aka EVOQ Content and Dotnetnuke), when deployed and configured with the correct tools, will allow marketers to build an unlimited number of landing pages with custom URL’s, unique CTA’s and personalization approaches.

This approach puts marketers in the drivers seat and allows them to have the proper ammunition to be able to intelligently discuss results, revisions, tests and outcomes with your C-Levels. All of the data is there, in an easy to understand and digestable format.

In summation, Dotnetnuke allows marketers the ability to execute their campaigns, landing pages, blog posts and social media in one scalable, easy to use platform. This alleviates the need for their technical team’s involvement allowing tech to focus on tech and marketing to focus on marketing.

eric peerless
eric peerless
2 years 130 days ago


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