3 ways to develop better relationships with your clients

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3 ways to develop better relationships with your clients

eric peerless
eric peerless
2 years 173 days ago

We have this conversation with every single client and we thought it would be valuable to provide more information on what you can expect from your inbound program and how long it takes to generate results.

It’s important to set expectations and provide guidance on the timeframe for results. Traditionally, the general timeframe for generating results is 6 months, but there are a series of factors that will cause variability in the time frame.

For Example:

  1. Does your site currently receive traffic? 
  2. Do you currently generate leads from your website?
  3. Do you have a current content marketing strategy in place?
  4. Do you currently have content assets that can be optimized?
  5. Does your site currently have any demand generation strategies in place and how are those managed?
  6. Are you able to provide access to internal resources if required?
  7. Are you “all in” and committed to the success of this program?

As you can see, there are several variables that will determine the length of time required to generate results. These bullet points also highlight our proven methodology that requires client collaboration for the need to work together to generate the greatest results.

The difference is you

We preach collaboration quite often and it’s because the results we are able to generate by being granted access to your internal resources is astonishing. For example, our solutions oriented approach, (we believe that when you provide solutions and not services, your lead acquisition strategy performs by a factor of 1.8), requires that we have access to your internal team to interview and conduct knowledge transfer to understand what your customers are looking for. If we want to understand what your customers are looking for or what the most prevalent objections are, it’s important we have access to the source to mine for information.

Additionally, some clients are easier to work with than others. Some take our advice and allow us to execute and others micro-manage the process and stifle the develop of content and assets that create a more time consuming execution schedule.

Strategic Planning

Obviously the better and more thought out the plan, the quicker we are going to see results. At the beginning of the process, we need to develop a comprehensive plan that outlines all of our initiatives for a 3-6 month period. This includes persona development, content assets, editorial calendar, landing page development, calls-to-action, marketing automation processes and assets, outreach and reporting/revision processes. Without a proper plan in place, it’s very easy to fall off the wagon and begin to lose laser focus of our personas, goals and objectives.

We follow the same approach with our web design and development projects. With a proper strategy in place, we ensure that we can solve the necessary critical business objectives set forth in the strategy phase. The strategy piece plays a role in every executable of our process. We can match up every deliverable to the strategy document and ask the questions: Does this solve A? Does this solve B? Does this align with the original strategy.

How much are you investing?

Dollar amounts are important, but so is time and committment. If you invest $10,000 per month, we are going to be able to produce faster and stronger results than if you invest $5,000 per month. We know this from experience. It’s important to ensure you’re investing the proper amount to match your performance expectations.

Your Time investment is also important. Are you willing to dedicate the time that is required in order for the agency to get what we need to be successful. This isn’t a program where we go into our secret lab and come out a month later with a secret sauce. This is a collaboration where we need access to your internal teams to get the information required to sculpt the proper campaigns.


Patience is a virtue. If we could get you 100 leads tomorrow, we would. We can predict and model lead flow and work to hit our demand generation goals, projections are just anticipated future results. Inbound requires commitment, analysis, execution and refinement.

Once we start to deliver results, we will continue to deliver results. Once it starts working, it keeps working. 10X traffic generation and 5X lead generation is not uncommon for clients who understand and are willing to stick with it allow the program to work. Every client and every project is different and while we can predict results, it’s important to know that it won’t be perfect. We will develop a trend line and we will see monthly improvements, but it’s not a perfect linear exercise.

Stay the course

The strategy has been developed and we are seeing increases in traffic and lead generation. Now isn’t the time to reduce our efforts, it’s time to push the gas. Content Assets build value over time and if you stay the course, these assets will continue to build value and produce results.


As mentioned earlier, the best clients are the ones who trust our experience and expertise to deliver results. We don’t understand your business as well as you do, but we’re going to make every effort to understand your business, industry, customers and their needs for the solutions you provide. We are going to become an extension of your team, but allow us the time to do so. It won’t be instant, but it will get stronger over time. Most likely, you don’t understand inbound as well as we do. You don’t have the experience with other clients in other industries to understand what works. Collaborate and work with your Agency Partner to realize the greatest results.

Be committed

Ensure you are committed to the “long game”. Understand the time, money and resources required to add an inbound component to your current outbound strategy. If you’re not prepared to commit, this probably isn’t the proper strategy for you. Understand that this isn’t the only initiative your company needs, but with time and resources, we can build a lead generation machine that will help you grow, scale and build your business to a more prosperous and predictable future.

What can I do today?

Take a few minutes, go on a walk, talk with a colleague, or grab a cup of coffee and think about if you’re willing to commit to inbound and if this is the right strategy for you. We know it works, we know you’ll be amazed at the results, but it’s a decision you are going to need to commit to in order to realize the greatest return.

eric peerless
eric peerless
2 years 173 days ago


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