On-site SEO vs Off-site SEO vs Inbound Marketing

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On-site SEO vs Off-site SEO vs Inbound Marketing

Eric Peerless
Eric Peerless
2 years 130 days ago

We wanted to give a brief differentiation between on-site SEO, off-site SEO and inbound marketing. These are three distinct pieces that contribute to your overall marketing initiatives and it’s important to understand the difference.

On-Site SEO

On-Site SEO deals with properly setting up the URL structure, Header tags, Title Tags, Sitemap, Page Naming Conventions & Structure, Blog posts & structure, Robots.txt file, webmaster tools, etc in the proper fashion so it is seen correctly by search engines.

Essentially, there are a series of rules that Google has provided as the correct method in order to be seen properly. For example, page titles should be no more than 72 characters. Why? Because Google has set this arbitrary guideline and decided to only display 72 characters. Now the guideline is based upon how many characters they display in the search result titles, but none the less, still arbitrary. For more information on ranking factors and correlated data, please review Moz’s 2013 search engine ranking factors: http://moz.com/search-ranking-factors

Off-Site SEO

Off-Site SEO is the process of leaving your website and trying to acquire links from other sites to link back to your site. This usually involves writing some sort of blog post, creating a particular resource, or filling a need that arises from some type of site you are interested in receiving a link from. The effort is incredibly time intensive and there is often little reward.

For example, let’s say you sell sewing machines and you find a highly authoritative website that details where to find repair centers for sewing machines. An SEO might say - let’s create a guide that details “Why Sewing Machines Break or Why Sewing Machines Fail”. They would create this guide and then contact the webmaster of the repair center blog and send an email that says:

“Hey, I noticed you provided this information, I’ve got this great guide about why sewing machines fail and I thought you might want to include it on your website”.

When the webmaster doesn’t respond, they will continue to contact them with the attempt of getting a link. They will try to develop a relationship with this site owner in the hopes he will link to your content. It’s a very long, sometimes fruitful, often fruitless effort.

This type of Off-Site SEO is extremely arduous and often doesn’t provide the right reward for the amount of effort that is required.

Social can also be considered an off-site technique, but this really falls into it's own category. We'll cover social at a later point in time. For now, let's focus on Inbound.

At Mad, We focus our efforts for on on-Site SEO Inbound Marketing.

Inbound Marketing

We develop a plan that outlines a particular content marketing program for our clients. The content strategy is the heart of any inbound marketing effort


The basis of this program is the understanding that we are trying to deliver content that will create some impact with the different personas we’ve outlined prior to any campaign. It could create awareness, it could start a dialogue or it could provide the information necessary for the persona to make a buying decision.

Feel the Pain

What pain points do our personas face and how do we address them? What do our personas find valuable and how can we solve their critical business objectives? Our content development exercises will help us to develop a schedule for a content marketing strategy that is based upon our known business target personas.

Content is Measurable

Content is also measurable! We can determine what content is connecting with your prospects and which ones aren’t and adjust accordingly.

At Mad Development, we design and build websites, applications, mobile apps and custom software. We begin each project by articulating and defining the necessary strategy and critical business objectives we seek to solve.

If you're interested in discussing this further or just want to pick our brains? Shoot us an email at info(at)maddevelopment.com

Eric Peerless
Eric Peerless
2 years 130 days ago


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