Every website has the exact same goal

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Every website has the exact same goal

eric peerless
eric peerless
2 years 130 days ago

Every Single Website ever created has the exact same goal.

If you don’t believe me, keep reading.

Every website, regardless of industry, size, competitive landscape or objective desires the exact same measurable objective, to drive transactions.

At Mad Development, our clients are sick of hearing us talk about transactions, but the basis for the argument remains true - regardless of what your overall objectives are, your goal is to drive and measure transactions.

A transaction doesn’t necessarily mean a purchase. A transaction can be any type of interaction that the publisher or website owner wants the user to take.

Listed below are a few examples of transactions:

  • Downloading a white paper or some piece of content
  • Conducting a search
  • Purchasing an item
  • Requesting more information
  • Requesting a demo
  • Registering for a webinar
  • Tweeting about your products or services
  • Requesting a free consultation
  • Subscribing to an email list

Filling out any type of form - more specifically to receive some type of content they are offered

For example, if you are AirBnB, you have a series of transactions that you need the user to execute in order to drive revenue. Firstly, a user must conduct a search. This involves selecting where you want to go and choosing dates. Clicking “search” can be measured and certainly Airbnb has experimented with the positioning of this search box and analyzing the words to generate higher transaction rates. Only once a customer conducts a search, can they possibly click into different properties available for rent and execute a rental. Clicking on different properties is an example of a transaction. I’m not certain how Airbnb analyzes click throughs, but I’m sure there is a thesis for measuring if a user looks at 20 properties before making a selection or just a few before executing.

By identifying what a desired transaction is and aligning them with your objectives, you can more effectively design your UX & UI to accommodate those requirements. As an exercise, try breaking down your desired transactions, order them by priority and ensure that you are providing clear paths for those to be achieved. Look at individual actions and begin to think about any small changes that could provide value for testing. This could be wording, placement, color, offer, etc. Think about what else could be clouding your transactions or making it more difficult for a transaction to occur.


Make small changes and test. Don’t try to do too much too fast or it’s too difficult to isolate what variable might deliver a positive result.

Products companies and Service companies usually have different transaction objectives. For service companies, the transaction objectives are most likely some sort of outreach. It’s one thing to have a user view your product or services page, but that is not the real desire of marketers or CEO’s. We want the user to take the next step, which is where most companies desired transactions occur. For many organizations, this involves the user contacting the organization for more information, opting for premium content, subscribing to your content or blog, tweeting about you, or taking some other action step that executes a transaction, which could be any of the examples above.


Begin to think more about what your desired transactions are as a method to achieve your goals. Once these are identified, you can begin to add pieces on top of these, like Calls To Action, Landing Pages, Offers, rewards and other variables that will help you achieve your desired transactions.

eric peerless
eric peerless
2 years 130 days ago


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