Our Approach to the Web Design Process

High-Quality Design affects your feeling of a brand. Your perception of a brand is partially conceived by how something looks and feels to you. It could be a positive or negative feeling, but the point is that some type of feeling is felt and realized.

This is the apple effect and affects every single one of us, every single day. We might not understand just how impactful design is in our lives, but if you can look at your surroundings right now, design played some roll in every item you see and the way if makes you feel.

Our design and development process, which always begins with strategy, will ultimately deliver a look and feel for an online or offline asset.  This might be a website or application, a sales kit for your sales team or some other deliverable.  Read below to learn more about our proven, tested process and how we can help elevate your brand and identity.


Requirements Gathering & Strategic Planning / Interactive Wireframing

Strategy is at the forefront of every project.  Our process begins by understanding what critical business objectives need to be solved through design and technology. We will also determine the main objectives/requirements of the general audience that is using your website or application.
When we merge the desires of not only the client, but the user, we are able to build a highly successful, highly transactional user experience that solves the needs of both the user and the client.
We strongly believe that the main objective of every single website is to drive transactions, whether it be conducting a search, downloading a white paper, making contact or actually purchasing an item.
Once we feel comfortable we have clearly defined the strategy, we will develop the Information Architecture for the project.  This takes the form of live, click-able html prototypes that allow the client to click through a representative view of the application.  This ensures all required information is present, click-through actions are clearly defined and we can achieve our objective of clearly generating the transactions that determine success.


    Development Planning

    Our Developing Planning Process is defined by identifying all functional requirements for the application and building a backlog of functional requirements.

    Once developed, we will begin to segment the requirements into manageable tasks and group them into logical sprints in order to fluidly develop the application and required functionality.

    Our iterative, agile, development process allows us to be flexible and nimble.


      Design Execution

      The clearly defined wireframes will provide a solid starting point to develop a look and feel for the website.  This is defined as the photos, colors, fonts, and textures that will serve as the design for the website.
      Design is a very important part of our process as we understand that no matter how complex and eloquent the technology is, no matter how technologically advanced something is, if the design is not on par, not polished, the full breadth of the  technology is not realized. 
      We pride ourselves in clearly articulating the vision developing during the strategy and information architecture phase to tell the story of the company or institution. 
      Great design will serve as the aesthetic foundation to build something amazing.
      We believe in Dieter Rams design principles.
      "Good Design is innovative.  Good Design makes a product understandable.  Good Design is honest.  Good Design is unobtrusive.  Good Design is thorough, down to the last detail. "

        Development Excecution

        With a strong strategy and information architecture foundation, we laid the ground work to develop a solid and thorough design that achieves transactions.  Once this is developed, we will build and utilize technology to solve those objectives.  Understanding technology needs time and polish to realize its greatest potential, we will develop the application or website.

        In layman's terms, this phase allows us to make the website work.  We will write code, implement libraries, and develop transitions that allow us to bring the application to life.


          Quality Assurance/ Site Launch

          Our Quality Assurance Process ensures that not only functionality, but multiple browser and device testing is completed in order to ensure the website runs as it's supposed to under different circumstances.  We develop automated unit tests and cross browser scripts to ensure the site site runs flawlessly under load and multiple browsers.

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