3 secrets to increase your ROI on your inbound campaigns

Eric Peerless posted on July 30, 2015

Everyone involved in inbound marketing wants to generate more leads. From top of the funnel to bottom of the funnel, both clients and agencies want the same thing, to generate more leads and sales-ready leads at that.

If you get 2 leads a month you want 10 and if you get 20 a month, you want 200. We get it. So how do you do that? We believe the best approach to achieve your goals is to alter your way of thinking.

On the surface, inbound marketing has a very low barrier to entry. There are so many simple ways to develop surface offers that don’t provide a ton of value. For example:

  • Get A Free Quote 
  • Contact Us 
  • Free Assessment 
  • Speak with a representative
  • Free Demo 
  • Free Trial

The problem with these offers is they are about you and not about solving the problems your potential customers are experiencing. If you can alter your way of thinking to be solutions oriented instead of trying to get something from someone, you will be significantly more successful.


It’s important to start thinking less about you and more about your potential customers. In order to develop a successful inbound marketing strategy, we’ve put forth 3 secrets we know drive incremental revenue and increase your ROI on your inbound objectives

1. Give Before You Get

We all want something from potential customers and the essence of inbound is that you give before you get. You give by providing rewarding content in the form of blog posts. You give by providing premium content that solves a solution for your potential leads. You give by providing an offer to your potential customers that they will find compelling and meets their interests.

We understand that everyone wants more leads, but the way in which you ask for lead acquisition can diametrically change your results depending on the method in which you ask.

2. Provide Real Solutions

Part of persona development deals with understanding exactly who your target audience is and attempting to think about what issues they face and what solutions you can provide. If you want to get a potential customer interested in your services, describe how you provide a solution that addresses their particular pain points and not what services you offer. This method of thinking flips the traditional model and enables you to be solutions and value oriented instead of services oriented.

3. Nurture Your Leads

As a business owner, I am constantly called upon by outbound sales people “following-up” or continuing to reach out to see if I am interested in their services. These salesman don’t provide any value when they call, I dread taking their call and my answer is usually the same, “unfortunately, not interested at this time”.

It’s a better approach to provide value to your leads who are “not interested at this time” by providing them with periodic emails with rewarding content to nurture them. Nurturing is the “long game” and simply because a customer wasn’t interested in January doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in July. Lead Nurturing allows you to stay in touch, be top of mind, and move leads through email list segmentation from leads to qualified leads to ready-to-buy. By understanding what content they interact with, it’s easier to provide your users with specific rewarding content that can solve their issues.


Revise your content strategy to ensure you are providing a solution with each piece of content that addresses one of your personas’ pain points instead of writing about the services you provide. Educate and Stop marketing. Provide Value. Give Before You Get.


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